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Friday, 27 August 2010

Fenix TK20 - LED Torch Review

I've had the Fenix TK20 for over a year now, it has been the best torch I have ever owned. Why? you might ask, well, it's one my brightest torches for a 2AA, It has the best build quality, rechargeables work well, the cree neutral white LED, gives a pleasing daylight white throw, the handle has a rubberised yellow cover - which makes it easier to find when dropped. Its fully waterproof and has 2 modes; 150 lumens - 1.25 runtime, 45 lumens - 8 hour runtime. It's regulated, which means that the light output will stay at constant brightness until the batteries are too low a level for this to occur, it will then reduce at a more linear rate with the battery discharge.
The beam has a throw of over 180M, which makes it ideal for spotting the odd hedge hog down the bottom of my garden. The complete assembly comes in 3 parts: head, abdomen, and thorax - no that's an insect, oh well, you know what I mean! This makes it ideal for replacements if ever needed and easy battery access. Anyway enough ramblings, the bottom line is, its freakin awsome, so Go Gadget Get It!

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